President of the WPC condemns latest imperialist threats against Syria

The president of the World Peace Council, Socorro Gomes, has issued a statement this Thursday (6), after the latest threats made by the US and its allies, who try to justify an invasion of Syria, after repeated direct attacks that are a flagrant violation of international law and of Syria’s sovereignty. Read the text below.


End the aggression against Syria and the imperialist threat!

With indignation and firm rejection, we again denounce the US and its allies’ attempts of promoting a direct offensive against the Arab Syrian Republic, using the same, demonstrated false pretexts to justify an invasion.

The US and its allies have promoted the tale, presenting no evidence whatsoever, according which the Syrian government is preparing a chemical attack against the population. It is passed time we bury the practice of imperialist powers and their servants of inventing outright lies and selling them as sentences to justify “humanitarian interventions”.

The World Peace Council reaffirms its complete rejection for this policy of interference and aggression, which violates the nations’ sovereignty and provokes the peoples’ suffering, keeping entire countries amidst chaos, which only serves the empire’s interests. This was what happened in Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the goal is to repeat this operation in Syria.

The US and its illegitimate coalition insist in their hypocritical and cynical rhetoric, perpetrating direct attacks, prepare an invasion and insist on dividing and devastating the Arab country.

The Syrian people resists bravely and is not alone. The peace and solidarity movements have denounced the direct support offered by the US imperialism and its allies to armed groups and terrorists acting in the region. These are the great responsible for the destruction, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and for the situation driving millions to seek refuge abroad.

The Syrian authorities have demonstrated their commitment with the elimination of chemical weapons in the country since they’ve signed the treaty on the issue and since the operation led by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, whose mission of inquiry has again visited Syria recently, but was prevented by the armed groups supported by the empire from accessing some regions.

Since the beginning of tensions in Syria, six years ago, the World Peace Council has stated its resolute solidarity with the Syrian people in the defense of their sovereignty and their inalienable right to decide their future, free from foreign intervention. Likewise, the WPC reiterates its support to the search for a political solution to the conflict in the country.

In our visits to Syria and in the events we have organized all over the world, we have reaffirmed our decided rejection for the imperialist policy trying to devastate Syria as part of the plans for domination and regional reconfiguration. We call upon all peace and justice movements all over the planet to reinforce their actions and opposition to the threat of invasion of Syria!

We demand the end of the imperialist interference in Syria, the end of the support given to the armed and terrorist groups and the direct aggressions!

Long live the Syrian people and their resistance!

Socorro Gomes,
President of the World Peace Council

6th of July, 2017