Socorro Gomes: In condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s provocations, Free Palestine!

The president of the World Peace Council, Socorro Gomes, has issued a statement on Sunday (23) emphasizing the unsustainability of the Israeli occupation of Palestine in the period of more tensions provoked by Israel’s offensive advances. Last week, Israeli authorities imposed new measures of control on visitors to the al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound in Jerusalem and of repression of Palestinians in the occupied territory. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared on Friday (21) the suspension of communication with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Read Socorro’s statement below:

In condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s provocations, Free Palestine, now!

It is with deep concern and revolt that we are following the renewed escalation of tensions in occupied Palestine and especially in Jerusalem, where the Israeli leadership again imposes provocative measures against the Palestinian people, in flagrant violation of the agreements with the Palestinian Authority and other Arab neighbors, advancing on the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound.

We have emphasized and accompanied the increasing number and weight of solidarity movements with the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation, in the firm denunciation that the criminal Israeli occupation, established 50 years ago, is the major cause of violence and martyrdom of this people.

The successive aggressions of the colonialist government and main ally of US imperialism in the region, the leadership of the State of Israel, are aimed at preventing the consolidation of the Palestinian state, either through the expansion of illegal settlements in occupied territory, the blockade imposed 10 years ago on the Gaza Strip, the expulsion, detention, massacre or daily repression of the Palestinian people.

The move against Al-Aqsa is yet another attempt by the Netanyau Government to impose its control over this important site in the ancient city of Jerusalem, which has special status in a fragile Israeli agreement with its neighbors. The fragility of this agreement, contrary to what the Zionist and right-wing leadership would have us believe, is not due to any passionate attachment to religion, but to the persistence of Israel’s occupation, apartheid, and illegal Israeli colonization, with the absolute support from the most offensive imperialist power, the United States.

The Palestinians’ disbelief and frustration with a peace process manipulated by the Israeli leadership has grown as the Zionists’ goal of keeping the Palestinian people under brutal military occupation while seeking to further the colonization of Palestine becomes clearer.

The World Peace Council therefore accompanies all peace-loving forces saying “stop!” to the prolongation of the Palestinian people’s martyrdom! We strongly reject the pretexts created by the Israeli leadership to aggravate the humiliation and daily repression of Palestinians, such as defending their “security.”

For a free and sovereign state, on the borders as before the war of June 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, respect for the refugees’ right of return and the release of all political prisoners for the establishment of Peace in Palestine!

The peoples of the world demand the liberation of Palestine, now!

Down with apartheid, colonialism and the Israeli occupation!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council