Against the persecution of Lula and the attack on democracy in Brazil!

The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples and Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz) expresses its irreducible solidarity with comrade Lula, the greatest national popular leader and the president who has left the deepest legacy of inclusion and social transformation in Brazil’s history. We repudiate his absurd, unjust and illegal condemnation to nine and a half years in prison by the trial judge Sergio Moro, with links to the US imperialism.

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The sentence imposed on comrade Lula, without any legal basis and already rejected by the most renowned Brazilian jurisconsults, is the product of a farce produced by the right-wing and that a biased judge played, in an attempt to prevent Lula from returning to the Presidency of the Republic by the vote and, again, in the arms of the people.

Lula, in addition to his historical role, today represents the hope of reversing the tragedy of the coup d’etat and of returning to the people and the workers the rights won through arduous struggles and which are harshly attacked by a gang that grabbed power with a coup d’etat supported by Rede Globo TV company, by a corrupt majority in the Parliament, and by important sectors of the Judiciary, including the Federal Supreme Court.

The struggle continues, reinforced against the undemocratic aggression, the criminalization of social movements and the increasingly fascist political persecution that has fueled violence in the country, while at the same time attacking civil and social rights, suspending the democratic prerogatives — especially of leaders like Lula, whose condemnation is nothing more than political, serving the interests of the reactionary and foreign forces of looting our resources and imposing a return of a subservient Government.

We denounce Judge Moro and the aggression to democracy!
Down with imperialism and its unpatriotic mats!
Direct elections, now!

Antônio Barreto
President of Cebrapaz