Attempt to assassinate the Venezuelan President is the right-wing and imperialists’ escalation

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Last Saturday (4), the Venezuelan right-wing, in collusion with its imperialist masters, embarked on a new phase in its terrorist escalation to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution. Sicarios at the behest of obscurantist forces, resorting to modern technologies, tried to take the life of the legitimate President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

By Socorro Gomes*

Alongside the democratic and peace-loving forces around the world, we reject this terrorist action inasmuch as we have fought energetically against the coup attempts that successively occur in Venezuela.

The attack on the life of President Nicolas Maduro is yet another attempt by sectors of the Venezuelan opposition, clearly backed by US imperialism, to destabilize the country.

The organization we chair, the World Peace Council (WPC), has intensified its support for the struggle of the Venezuelan people to strengthen their democratic system of government and national sovereignty. Concerned with the political developments in the Latin American and Caribbean region, the WPC raises its voice against the coup attempts, and against the economic and media war on the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

Joining the calls of the democratic and progressive forces and the entire Venezuelan people to halt the putschist campaign in the country, we express resolute solidarity with the Venezuelan people in defense of their democracy and their homeland.

The imperialist powers’ attempts to interfere in Venezuela, especially by the United States, are intolerable. These powers support the national oligarchy, fomenting crises, political destabilization, disturbing peace, sowing intrigues to fragment the people, victimizing the population and vilifying the sovereignty of the popular vote.

In a moment of such gravity marked by a fascist and terrorist escalation by the right-wing and imperialism against the Bolivarian Revolution, it is indispensable to express solidarity with the legitimate government led by President Nicolás Maduro and to support the will expressed by the Venezuelan people at the ballot boxes!

Let us strengthen our struggle for Venezuela’s sovereignty and to prevent the country’s destabilization, against sanctions, attacks and other attempts of coup d’état that threaten the nation of Bolivar and Chavez.

*President of the World Peace Council