World Peace Council denounces persecution of Gloria Ramírez and Atílio Borón in Mexico

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We reject the US persecution of the feminist Gloria Inés Ramírez and the Argentine researcher Atílio Borón in Mexico!

It is with revolt and repudiation that the World Peace Council denounces the persecution suffered by the vice-president of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) and former Colombian senator Gloria Inés Ramírez and the Argentine sociologist Atílio Borón, a committed critic of US imperialism .

During a visit to Mexico for the 21st International Seminar “The Parties and a New Society”, Atílio Borón and Gloria Inés, well-known activists of the common causes of humanity, social justice, human and gender rights, and peace, against the militarization of the planet, were detained at Mexico City airport for a few hours on March 22 and 23, where Mexican authorities interrogated them, responding to an alert issued against them by the United States.

Borón also denounced that he had difficulties in communicating his whereabouts because his cell phone was withheld. Both have gone through similar situations recently, for example, in Panama City, according to the former Colombian senator from Marcha Patriotica, who was then going to Cuba. The repeated questions to both concerned mainly their political militancy, an unacceptable inquisition carried out by the authorities, at the request of the United States.

The World Peace Council affirms its deepest condemnation of the persecution and attempted embarrassment of the militants at the behest of US imperialism, who tried to intimidate and follow not only Borón and Glória Inés but other militants and activists who denounce the same treatments in the region.

Their combative action against inequalities, oppression, the policy of domination and the threats on which the US imperialism and its allies are based will not be intimidated. We denounce in the strongest terms the political persecution, a flagrant violation of human rights, and the subservience of the Mexican and Panamanian authorities to the practice we disavow.

We demand the end of this practice and the verification of the facts by the international authorities responsible for the protection of human rights, including political rights. We also express our firm solidarity with the vice-president of the WIDF and the researcher Atílio Borón, two friends of the World Peace Council and brave advocates for human rights, justice and peace.

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council

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