At the 67th anniversary of the War on Korea, Socorro Gomes underlines the US role in the current tensions


Marking the 67th anniversary of the War in Korea (1950-1953), which consolidated the division of the Korean nation and the militarized interference by US imperialism, the president of the World Peace Council Socorro Gomes issued a statement on Thursday (29), which warns of the escalation of tensions in the region. Socorro has emphasized, however, that the possibility to avoid another war lies with the peace and justice forces and in the reinforcement of the anti-imperialist struggle throughout the world. Read the text:

At the 67th year of the war on Korea, we demand the end of imperialist interference!
Sixty-seven years ago, on the 25th of June, the Korea War was launched, a fruit of US imperialist interference in the Korean Peninsula which resulted in a Homeland’s division. A whole nation was separated, families, drawn apart. For decades, what followed was persecution, threats of a new war and military provocation that can lead the region and the world to a generalized catastrophe. 
After the Armistice that suspended the war in the Korean Peninsula on the 27th of July, 1953, the lack of a definitive agreement shows that the situation is far from concluded. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has reaffirmed its disposition for a peace pact, but this was never the intention of US imperialism, in its drive for the geopolitical and geo-estrategic control of a region that the US foreign policy only sees through the twisted lenses of its own interests in domination. 
On the 25th of June, marking the war’s 67th anniversary, the Korean National Peace Committee, a member organization in the World Peace Council, has emphasized the importance of this date for the events and the current situation in the region and the world. It has also reminded us – an effort of memory which we stress as necessary – that the US has devastated dozens of Korean cities, dropping over 428,000 bombs over the capital Pyongyang alone, and killed 1,231,540 people, including using napalm. The brutal and blatant violation of International Humanitarian Law remains in impunity. 
The WPC joins the Korean and international peace and justice forces demanding the historical recognition of the US criminal leadership’s responsibility for the atrocities perpetrated during the 1950-1953 war and for the obstacles imposed on the peaceful reunification of the Korean people, according to their expressed will. 
Furthermore, we express our solidarity with the Korean people and the People’s Korea in the defense of their sovereignty, we support the reiterated denunciation of the threat of war – which can even have a nuclear character – and the region’s militarization, marked especially by the repeated, annual provocations by the US and its regional allies, such as South Korea, with war drills that target the DPRK. 
We emphasized, therefore, the urgency and the need for détente in the region, otherwise we risk finding ourselves on the path to a war of new proportions and unforeseeable devastation, which would be a tragedy for the entire Humanity. 
War, however, can be prevented!
In our firm struggle against imperialism, we demand, in this tragic anniversary of one of the most brutal episodes of recent History, the end of US interference in the region and the peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Peninsula, among the Korean people. 
We further demand the end of the war propaganda and the systematic persecution against the People’s Korea, either by the Western media, the sanctions, the attempts of isolating and the threats against the country.
For Peace in the Korean Peninsula and the end of the militarization of the planet, together, we can prevent war!
Socorro Gomes
President of the WPC