President of the World Peace Council reaffirms solidarity with the Venezuelan people against the coup attempts

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The president of the World Peace Council, Socorro Gomes, issued a statement of solidarity with the Venezuelan people this Friday (30), amidst intensification of the coup attempt in the country and of inflammatory imperialist rhetoric against Venezuela. Socorro reaffirmed the organization’s support for the defense of national sovereignty and resistance against foreign interference, which promotes the advances of reactionary forces in the country, culminating in the recent attacks on two government buildings on June 27. Read the text below:

Against interference, aggression and a coup d’état in Venezuela!

We again denounce the campaign of destabilization and creation of chaos against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a campaign that, on the 27th of June, has escalated with the attacks against the Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace, in the capital Caracas.

In the attacks, according to the Venezuelan authorities, a helicopter stolen from the airbase in La Carlota has made 15 shots in the area of the Ministry and then launched four teargas bombs against the Court, in a demonstration of cowardice, with truly terrorist acts. However, we salute the Venezuelan Government’s disposition to deter the attempts made by the violent forces that aim to spark a civil war in the country. These are the forces that the US imperialism defends under the pretext of “promoting democracy”.

The World Peace Council joins all the forces defending the nations’ sovereignty in resistance against the policy of interference, threats and aggressions that are the basis of US and their allies’ (or servants) foreign policy. In Latin America, this policy is growingly translating into the region’s militarization and in the support offered by the imperialist power to the most reactionary forces in the fascist, anti-patriotic right-wing, which goes to great lengths to take the power, although their actions cost the lives of compatriots, the destabilization and the surrender of their countries to foreign dominance.

The promotion of coups, either by force or disguised as judicial processes, is evidently a tactic of imperialism to gain control of the region back, since it is not pleased with the process of independence building, a process in which the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela plays a central role.

Facing the Venezuelan people’s brave resistance against the US interference and threats, the reactionary forces again recur to economic and media war, coup attempts and violence.

Therefore, we resolutely support the Venezuelan people’s determination to keep governing their destiny, with the most recent initiative being the call issued by the Government of President Nicolás Maduro for a people’s Constitutional Assembly, a form of participant democracy that is unknown by the imperialist powers trying to demonize the Bolivarian Republic.

We reiterate our solidarity with the Venezuelan people and the peace forces in the country, such as the International Committee of Solidarity (COSI), a member of the WPC.

On alert against the attempt of coup d’état, we support the Venezuelan people’s right to defend their independence in the quest for a peaceful and sovereign process that can build the solution for the crisis in the country.

Socorro Gomes,

President of the World Peace Council