Against the imperialist threat to Syria, we reinforce our solidarity!


The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz) joins all peace movements around the world in firm rejection of the escalation of threats made by the United States and its allies against Syria and its brave people.

We reinforce our denunciation against the imperialist policy of aggression, interference and devastation of entire nations, which is promoted in a clear violation of international law and of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic. Leading an aggressive coalition and sponsoring armed groups, including terrorists, is yet another revelation of the unscrupulousness of US imperialism and its allies, who, on the other hand, create lies to accuse the Syrian government without presenting any evidence, since none exist.

The latest deceptive propaganda is that the Syrian government plans chemical attacks on its own population. This is yet another attempt to justify the invasion and devastation of Syria, as has been done before in so many countries. It is never too much to recall the flagrant lie among so many others that was the lie told by the US about the possession of chemical weapons by the Iraqi Government to justify the 2003 invasion and the assassination of Saddam Hussein, leaving the country devastated, occupied by the United States, fragmented and vulnerable to the proliferation of terrorist groups to this day.

We therefore emphasize our firm solidarity with the Syrian people in their courageous resistance and in defending their right to decide their future, free from foreign interference. We demand an end to the imperialist threats against Syria that the US leadership and its allies, European or regional powers, especially Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are promoting to fragment Syria.

We salute the country’s brave defense by Syrian forces and join the world peace movement in its complete rejection of the interventionist policy that has devastated so many countries.

End the aggression against Syria, now!

Antônio Barreto,
President of Cebrapaz